Processing modeled data

One of the reasons why modeled data is a powerful advancement is that it makes processing of such data easier. It allows for programmability and automation. When much of the networking data is CLI-based, the operational and configuration data from network devices is mostly hand-crafted. As a result, there has to be a lot of screen-scraping and manual testing to process such data. With the advent of modeled data, which could be modeled using a language like YANG, it can be easily processed by automated programs.

Modeled data vs unstructured data

When it comes to storing, retrieving and analyzing large chunks of data, it is greatly helpful if the said data conforms to some model instead of being unstructured free form data. This is where data modeling languages like YANG come in.

The beauty of YANG is that it lets the consumers know the specific details of the data, including constraints like range, allowed regex patterns among many others.

It also can model semantic constraints, meaning that it can tell you if a value is allowed in a certain context​.

Customer satisfaction

The key to success in any venture one may undertake is customer satisfaction. No matter whether you are running a business or working for someone else, what matters is that your customer is satisfied. When working for someone else in a non-sales role, the colleagues, clients or higher-ups becomes one’s “customers”. All such customers need to be satisfied and customer service needs to become centerstage.

Programming as a trade

The trade of software programming is today very attractive and in-demand. From a historical perspective, there have been many times when industries become outdated and irrelevant almost overnight. Today, the programmer has to keep their skills and knowledge up to date on the very latest in the trade. This seems to be inevitable given the reality of the industry. Also with the oncoming AI revolution, it will be interesting to see how the trade of software programming fares and how it may evolve given the circumstances.

Great things can come from unexpected places

The human brain is capable of processing our various experiences in ways which are very subtle and unexpected. Most people feel refreshed after a hot shower and many solutions to problems occur to us during such relaxing experiences. It is said that Newton came up with the theory of gravity when an apple fell on his head when he was sitting under an apple tree. The idea may have already occurred to him as he was sitting in a relaxing pose in that garden. The apple falling on the head probably just brought forth the already formed idea.

Go philosophy

The philosophy behind Go: one of providing simple fundamental concepts which are easily graspable by newcomers and supporting fast execution is what makes it so powerful and attractive for any new or existing software projects.