Freedom and responsibility

Just having a lot of freedom could make one complacent and follow a hedonist path. The word hedonist is derived from a Greek word meaning “sweet”. We know from contemporary studies the harmful health effects of sugar and sweet.

There is an Indian festival called Ugadi in which a sweet and bitter food is consumed as a symbolic reminder that one must expect and be prepared for both sweet and bitter experiences. Just consuming sweet experiences and expecting life to only provide such experiences could make one weak. If mixed with a suitable amount of responsibility, freedom can be well tempered and made to last longer.


Freedom from

Freedom from chronic worry and stress.

Freedom from high debt.

Freedom from health problems.

Freedom from saying yes to things one is not excited about.

These freedoms seem more appealing and important than

Freedom to do whatever one wants

Meaning of freedom

Freedom means many things to different people.

For some, it means the ability to live according to one’s own will. It means not having to bend one’s will to that of another person or entity.

When it comes to software, free software refers to software which promotes user freedom to share, study and modify it. It may not necessarily be free, as in zero cost.

It is both the sine qua non and the result of any functional decentralized democracy.