The discipline of mathematics is interesting as a lot of it mostly takes place inside one’s head.

The inspiration for mathematics perhaps came to our ancestors from nature and solving everyday problems such as counting seeds.

It remains one of the sciences which relies entirely on the mind.

Ancient mathematics

It is interesting to note the advances made in mathematics in ancient India.

It is well known that the zero was invented in ancient India. Much of the mathematics was developed for ritual purposes. The shulba sutra (rope manual) gives elaborate mathematical instructions on constructing altars to conduct sacrifices in.

Aryabhatta contributed much to the development of the mathematical tradition.


Human consciousness is still a mystery as it is not fully understood. However it appears that there is something in the field of mathematics which speaks deeply to the human consciousness. When doing mathematics, human beings are not dealing with anything tangible. However, no one denies that mathematics is real.

Srinivasa Ramanujan was one of the geniuses who, in his short lifespan, discovered very deep and meaningful mathematical truths. One wonders how he was able to see such truths and provide mathematical proofs for them. For lesser mortals, mathematics appears to be a great way to exercise our mental muscles and gain some strength.