Trial and error

When it comes to many aspects of life, the process of testing various things is a good approach. In testing different combinations, one can learn from the different outcomes.

If the tests succeed or fail, one learns something and can carry the information forward. In science, this is known as trial and error. Different experiments produce results, based upon which one gets an understanding of truths about various processes of nature. The same also applies to cooking, wherein one tries different masalas, some of which succeed in satisfying the taste buds, and some fail.

Tinkering produces marvels

When thinking of how innovations are made, one might think that this is done by some genius suddenly thinking up a miraculous idea. However, this is rarely how it happens.

For example, Penicillin was discovered “by accident” by Alexander Fleming in his lab at St. Mary’s Hospital, London after having slaved away at tinkering and experimenting for a couple of decades.

Similarly, one can imagine the marvels of the future to be invented by tinkerers and practitioners who put in the hard work which is essential for innovation.

Thomas edison